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mumia FOP.jpgMumia Abu-Jamal has been in prison for 37 years. After years of fighting, the lawyers for Mumia Abu-Jamal won him another appeal due to new evidence. Now the widow of the officer he was accused of killing spoke out to Fox News and she is “absolutely outraged.”

Maureen Faulkner slammed Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Leon Tucker, who ruled last week that the “slightest appearance of bias or lack of impartiality undermines the entire judiciary.” Faulkner told the network, which is infamous for its racism and bias coverage, “I’m absolutely outraged with Leon Tucker. Tucker has no merit on this judgment.” She continued, “This is going to open the door for so many murderers to be able to do this and appeal this.”

Jamar’s lawyers claimed that the former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Ronald Castille was biased in upholding the murder conviction of a policeman against Abu-Jamal, who is serving a life sentence.

Abu-Jamal, like numerous other convicted Black men, has had many failed appeals in fighting for freedom. The former member of the Black Panther party, journalist and author has been incarcerated for 36 years following his conviction in the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. The 64-year-old has maintained his innocence and become a symbol for criminal justice reform.

Back in July, Abu-Jamal told The Guardian via emails, “I think we posed an existential challenge to the very legitimacy of the System – and it unleashed unprecedented fury from the State. That’s why they used any means, even illegal, to extinguish what they saw as a threat.”

Abu-Jamal’s appeal is one of many he has received over years. There are still a lot of steps ahead before he will be close to any type of freedom. Hopefully, the full truth comes forward.


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